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Custom boxing and safe packaging for your custom and expensive shipping needs
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Custom Box Making System


The BoxMakerPro™ is our patented and trademarked Custom Box Making System that allows us to custom build any size box for odd shaped items.


Only SafeShip can make the exact box you need for your shipment. The Custom Box Making System eliminates unneeded packing materials and unneeded extra box space. It also helps eliminate the extra shipping charge levied by UPS, FedEx, and the USPS.


Unlike our competitors, we do not telescope boxes to get a large enough box to pack your expensive guitar, a painting or your priceless china or whatever you are shipping. Many times the extra size of telescoped boxes makes the final package so large that it exceeds the standard dimensions of packages for the carriers and must be classified as a dimensional weight package.


BoxMakerPro™ can save you over $75.00 on the cost of the shipping..