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Business Solution Center

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SafeShip Business Resource Center – office space

Customer Testimonial:

SilverLion Trade Services

Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment

Looking to expand your operations and begin distributing products at high volumes?


Don’t have the personnel or warehouse to store, package, and ship all your inventory?


Partner up with Safe Ship to handle all of your warehousing and logistics needs. You aren’t paying outrageous costs for warehouse space, we charge a nominal $5 per pallet space per week and you only pay for what you use.


Physical Office Space

Safe Ship has four offices adjacent to our storefront and warehouse that are available for short, medium, or long-term leasing. The close proximity of your future office space to the warehouse is priceless.

Need a place to store all of your inventory and also be on-sight to access your freight, but don’t have the finances to procure a brick and mortar location?  Safe Ship has affordable monthly flat rate rentals.



We are logistics experts in the shipping and moving industry.  We ship anything, anywhere in the world.  And when we say we ship ANYTHING, we mean just that!  We’re partnered with over 115 freight forwarders that help maneuver any shipments we need delivered to anywhere in the world.