Commerce Business Services - SafeShip Global
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Commerce Business Services

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Our services are geared toward providing big company infrastructure and reliability to small and medium sized businesses.


Commerce Business services include:


Inventory Management – State-of-the-art inventory control system with a live digital tracking.  We can customize the criteria that we capture from the products based on our client’s needs. Typical criteria we capture are serial number, model number, product color, and quantity of items.


Drop Shipments – Safe Ship can accept drop shipments.   We will inventory each piece and provide you with detailed data regarding your shipment once inventory is completed.


Distribution Fulfillment – When you’re ready to turn around and distribute your product to your client, you simply let us know where you need your shipment to go, the pertinent details of the items that need to be packed and shipped. Simple as 1-2-3.


Pick and Pack – We offer the pick and pack services to help compile your contents and consolidate into them.  Then you decide which contents are to be shipped out to your customers.  Say, for example, you have five boxes shipped to us with different items in each box; chargers, accessories, phones, phone cases, etc.  We save you time and money by having everything shipped to one location and allowing us to compile your shipments on your behalf.